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Welcome to Pixel Nations!
Pixel Nations is a real time continuous, free to play, browser based nation simulation game. Build your nation from the ground up and rule as you see fit. Choose your flag, government type, national religion, ethnicity, and more! Will your nation be a safe haven for those seeking freedoms or will you oppress dissidents of the government? In this world there are virtually limitless ways in which to play. You can focus on your economy or your military might, becoming a diplomatic leader or a hermit regime. Customize everything, even down to how many police stations or libraries each of your cities have! Construct national wonders that citizens from around the world will marvel at. Trade with other nations, wage war with your friends or create coalitions and work together with other countries to give yourself an advantage. The choices are yours to make in Pixel Nations!

In Pixel Nations your primary task is managing your nation and its citizens. Factors like Crime, Unemployment, Literacy, and Happiness are key indicators as to how well your nation is doing. Nations start out with a Capital City that they must manage and maintain. As their nation grows, players can build additional cities. Cities increase national population which, in turn, results in more tax revenue. Aside from Cities, players can build great Marvels, which are feats of engineering or great structures that benefit their nation. Additionally, players can research items that also benefit their nation. There are endless possibilities in this game!

A special thank you to this month's supporters: . Want your name on this list? Donate today

Author: DavidUpdate: General UpdateAudience: Global03/27/14 14:19:48
Added search box to the bottom of every page. I am beginning to work on adding the updates as outlined but I do want to remind everyone that this will take longer than originally expected.

Author: DavidUpdate: General UpdateAudience: Global02/24/14 07:39:31
For the next month, I'd like to know which country's regional flags should be added to the game in April. Please discuss and vote here:

Author: DavidUpdate: General UpdateAudience: Global02/24/14 06:31:51
Previously we extended donation credits to players when they first sign up their nation. We are ending this practice. Furthermore, all players who did not take advantage of those credits have had those credits expired.

Author: DavidUpdate: General UpdateAudience: Global02/24/14 06:13:32
160 flags have been added to the game. 97 of them are Country flags (free to use) and 63 of them are Regional flags (1 time donation). For more information, read these two forum threads:

Author: DavidUpdate: General UpdateAudience: Global02/22/14 14:40:38
Happy 2 Year Anniversary, everyone! Version 4 is not quite ready, we're ironing out a few things and putting the finishing touches on it. I don't want to release this version until it's absolutely perfect, so I'm holding it back for another couple of weeks. Instead, every player has received 2,000 Technology added to their nation as a special thank you for playing Pixel Nations. On towards another year!

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